Beech Hedging

One of the most popular hedging plants due to the fact that it holds onto its old leaves throughout winter.


We offer these plants bare rooted between mid-November until the end of March. Our beech hedging is also throughout the summer months as a pot grown plant.


We suggest planting as a staggered row of 5 plants to the linear metre.  Pot grown plants as 4 plants to the metre. Beech are best grown in well drained and not too heavy soil.


We offer Bare rooted and pot grown plants in the following sizes

  •  60 / 80cm
  • 80 / 100cm
  • 100 / 125cm
  • 125 / 150cm
  • 150 / 175cm
  • 175 / 200cm


We highly recommended caning and tying young plants and using rabbit guard protection if wildlife is a problem – all can be supplied with the plants.


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