Container Shrubs

We offer a comprehensive range of good quality container shrubs grown mainly in 3L pots.

We also grow a limited range of more mature shrubs in 5L and 7.5L pots and the larger specimen shrubs in 10L and 15L pots.

  • We can also offer a service to garden centres.
  • Weekly availability lists sent out on request.
  • Please note we have a minimum order of 225x plants per delivery/destination.

Container Grown Shrubs

Our specimen pot shrubs range in size: 5L, 7.5L, 10L, 15L and 20L sizes.

Typically, we offer the following varieties:

Acer, Abelia, Aucuba
Chimonanthus praecox, Choisya, Cordyline
Eleaegnus, Fremontodendron, Hedera
Mahonia, Magnolia
Pittosporum, Phormium, Photinia Red Robin
Senecio, Syringa
Taxus, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Trachycarpus fortunei,
Viburnum tinus

2L & 3L Shrubs

Our extensive range includes the following varieties:

Abelia, Amelanchier, Artemesia, Aucuba
Berberis, Buddleia, Buxus
Caryopteris, Ceanothus, Ceratostgma, Choisya, Cistus, Clematis, Convolvulus, Cornus, Corylus, Cotoneaster,Cytisus
Elaeagnus,Euonymus, Escallonia, Eucalyptus
Fatsia, Garrya, Grisellina
Hebe, Hedera, Ilex, Jasminum
Lavenders, Lonicera, Magnolia, Osmanthus
Perovskia, Pieris, Potentilla, Phormium, Pittosporum, Pyracantha
Santolina, Spiraea, Skimmia
Taxus baccata, Thuja
Viburnum, Vinca, Weigela, Yucca

… and lots more !

Please forward your enquiry or request availability updates by e-mail to: